venerdì 21 marzo 2014

Atelier Van Lieshout

Insect Experimental, 2012

Insect Breeder, 2012 - Solar Dryer, 2012

The Insect Experimental gives us a preview of the future of farming, an installation for breeding insects for consumption purposes, which is at the same time utopian, pragmatic and exploitative.
Mature insects will be held in the container at the top end of the Insect Breeder, the bottom of which is covered in wire mesh. When they lay eggs, these will fall down into the hatching tunnel. After the eggs have hatched into maggots, these will have to find their way to the container at the bottom end of the Insect Breeder, and then onwards to the harvesting unit, where only the strongest, most intelligent ones will arrive. The insects can be given extra incentives by using light, smell and colour. All of these can be adjusted by the farmer, allowing him to optimize the process and breed only the most superintelligent insects.
A drying cabinet, Solar Dryer, is also part of the installation. Inside the Solar Dryer, insects and maggots can be conserved using different temperatures.

Insect Farm, 2012

Insect Farm, 2012

The modules by Atelier Van Lieshout - which serve as a mobile reception unit at Z33 for Mind the System, Find the Gap, are part of a larger project in which AVL wishes to visualize alternative scenarios for the future. ‘Insect Farm’ is one component of a labyrinth of various farms which focuses on insects as nutritious, cost-effective and low-impact foods. ‘Insect Farm’ is commissioned by REcentre (centre for sustainable design) and Z33 – Art in open space.

credit: Atelier Van Lieshout, Insect Farm, 2012, photo credit: (c) Kristof Vrancken / Z33

martedì 26 novembre 2013

Francesco Clemente

Selfprtrait as a fly, 2005

lunedì 25 febbraio 2013

Ettore Favini

Ettore Favini, Verdecuratoda…voi

"Le farfalle volano sulla città pulita"

Spazio Cerere e Fondazione Pastificio Cerere Roma, via degli Ausoni 3 e 7

venerdì 1 giugno 2012

Shuji Terayama

Butterfly Dress Pledge,  (1974) Japan, 16mm, 12 min - film stills

domenica 22 gennaio 2012

Pierre Huyghe

C. C. Spider, 2011

C. C. Spider, 2011

Umwelt, 2011

Umwelt, 2011

Umwelt, 2011

[Image: Pierre Huyghe C. C. Spider, 2011, Spider | Pierre Huyghe, Umwelt, 2011, Ants, Spiders, Variable, Unique (PH 049), Installation views: Pierre Huyghe, Influants, Esther Schipper, Berlin, September 09 – October 22, 2011, Photos by: Andrea Rossetti]

venerdì 20 gennaio 2012

Jochen Lempert

 untitled, 2009, © VG Bild-Kunst, Bonn 2010

 untitled, 2006, © VG Bild-Kunst, Bonn 2010

Francisco Tropa

Scenario, 2011 (detail)

Scenario, 2011
(general view of the exhibition)

Francisco Tropa, Scenario, 2011, Padiglione Portoghese - 
54th Biennale di Venezia -  Photos: Pedro Tropa